Cloud print management – improving availability and resilience

Monday, 30th July, 2018

Cloud computing is here to stay, it’s helped reduced costs, increase productivity and has opened up access to solutions previously outside the financial reach of some smaller businesses.

Cloud solutions offer rapid access to low cost IT resources that are delivered in a truly flexible way, paying only for what you use, with the ability to easily scale up (or down) to suit your business needs.  Another great benefit of cloud is the resilience and availability they offer.  You no longer need to worry about the cost of buying or maintaining servers, updating them with the latest security patches, clustering or taking daily backups, this is all done by the cloud provider and included in the cost of the service.  Cloud providers such as Amazon or Microsoft take the security of their services very seriously, investing considerable sums to ensure they address the security and availability challenges.  We’d go so far as to say that your on-premises servers are likely to be more of a security risk now than any cloud service.

There are cloud solutions for everything these days, from access control to accounting systems and now the new kid on the cloud block is cloud print management.

Your organisations printing and copying function is likely to be a key part of your business infrastructure, where a high level of availability, resilience and security is needed.  Many businesses have recognised that the best and most cost effective way to achieve this is to move their print management to the cloud – cloud print management also offers a simpler way to manage and streamline complex deployment needs, especially where multiple offices or locations are involved.

AIT’s cloud print management will not only deliver the right level of security, resilience and availability but also provides;

  • Secure pull printing – jobs are only released when the originator releases the job via authentication at the MFD or printer.  This is a great feature for ensuring GDPR compliance.
  • Secure architecture with full SSL/TSL end to end encryption using AES-256.
  • Three deployment options – SaaS using Microsoft Azure, on your own windows servers or an open platform version (LINUX) including IBM Z and IBM Power.
  • Failover and unlimited scalability through real clustering.
  • Fully customisable security options when the highest security levels are needed.
  • Rules based printing.
  • Extensive reporting tools.
  • Subscription based pricing model per MFD device – no more worries about how many users or print servers you have.

It’s easy to find out more about our cloud print management solution you can:

  • Watch our video
  • Download a brochure or
  • Give us a call on 0113 273 0300