Case Study – Access Control down on the farm

Tuesday, 23rd May, 2017

Access control – Down on the farm

Warter Priory estate were using a traditional lock and key solution across their 12000 acre estate making it very difficult to keep track of where keys were and who had them. With so many doors and locks across so many locations, key management had become problematic and it had started to interfere with the smooth running of the estate.

Their traditional way of managing keys made it very difficult to easily pass keys from one staff member to another particularly due to the sheer size of the estate. Added to that, if a key was lost, the lock associate with it would have to be replaced, which made the system extremely costly. The site also needed to manage the security risk associated with waiting for a locksmith to come and replace the lock and key.

Read how AIT worked closely with Warter Priory to implement a new SALTO access control solution across their entire 12,000, which has enabled the estate to benefit from real time control.  A full audit trail of staff no matter where they are on the estate, is now quickly available, which has improved staff security and ID access rights can now easily be blocked if an ID is lost, saving the estate money on replacing locks.

AIT have been delighted to work with Warter Priory and show that access control can add real business benefits no matter what sector a customer is in.

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