[Case Study] 11 million unwanted print pages saved at the University of Edinburgh

Tuesday, 19th September, 2017

Our most recent case study looks at how The University of Edinburgh have been benefiting from print management software, Pcounter, for many years and continue to use the solution on a large scale across the university.

The university have been managing their print output using Pcounter since 2012 giving students and staff networked printing along with options to print from their own devices.

The University of Edinburgh’s case study details the long relationship the University has had with AIT and also talks about savings the university has enjoyed since installing the solution back in 2012.

AIT  are delighted to have worked with the University of Edinburgh over the years and are looking forward to that relationship getting even stronger. Click here to read the case study and to see how the solution is used, delivered and the savings the university have benefited from.

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