Axis Network Video Door station

Thursday, 21st December, 2017

Many businesses today have some level of access control and/or intercom at their front door, you press the intercom, talk to reception, and they buzz you in, or have to come down to let you in. If you have many visitors this process can actually be quite staff intensive, and with the opposite if you don’t have many visitors you can’t justify the expense of a receptionist but you still want to look professional.

Security today is becoming increasingly more important, especially for the safeguarding of individuals in your premises. The ability to check who’s at your door before you let them in is just one more way of securing your workplace. Plus, do you really know who’s at the door, who you’ve just buzzed into your office, can you be sure that no one follows them in, using this anonymity as a way to access your building.

If you have limited staff at a building, you may not have the resources to have dedicated reception personnel, so the ability for your staff to see on a mobile phone or remote desktop who’s at the door and then the ability to let them in remotely can help improve productivity.

As an example, you could be a small warehouse and you don’t have a receptionist, but you frequently have delivery people turning up but also the odd visitor or client. This means you’re always on the move but still want to know when someone’s at your main entrance. With this system, you’ll be able to see in live HD who’s there, and let them know you’ll be with them shortly. You can then press the button on the Axis app, letting them in to your waiting area until you arrive. The next morning you have a delivery driver at your office trying to drop off an important parcel out of hours. With Axis you can speak with them, check their identity and let them in to drop off that vital package, keeping track of them with live CCTV.

The AXIS Network Video Door Station is a plug and play, non-proprietary IP-based door station for two-way communication, identification, and remote entry control. It provides new possibilities to secure your business – a perfect complement to any surveillance installation.

The unit includes a HDTV camera with wide dynamic range and excellent low-light performance offering reliable 24/7 identification. The product connects to existing IP networks and the use of Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows installation with one single network cable, providing enough power to support also standard door locks to enable remote entry from a mobile device or a PC.

Even if you already have access control and existing CCTV, this system would still be a great addition. If you don’t, give AIT a call and we’ll talk you through how to best secure your premises.

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