Access Control - Update instantly

Monday, 8th June, 2015

Look after buildings, assets and staff

We all know how important it is to keep your buildings, assets, staff, students and visitors safe. Being able to do this instantly from the comfort of your office with the click of a button offers numerous benefits, having the ability to instantly update rights, block cards, know when a door’s security has been compromised or it’s battery is low is essential in maintaining safety and security 100% of the time.

Data on Card

Using a virtual network and making the best use of data on card technology ensures that you can instantly make critical changes to your access control solution. The virtual network allows offline doors to read, receive and write information via distributed intelligence. User related access information is stored in an encrypted format on ID credentials (ID cards/fobs/wristbands), online doors then receive information from the cards and relay it back to the management software.

Distributed Intelligence

Using this distributed intelligence means that each time a users passes through an online door the door updates the key (ID card/fob/wristband) with its record of usage and any changed or revoked access rights to other users. When the key is presented at an offline door the key passes the new access rights information to the door controller. The door also updates the key with its own usage record and any critical information such as a low battery warning. Next time the key is presented at an online door that audit trail is sent to the management system. All of this happens in seconds with every user’s card as they move around the building. The information is available instantly to systems managers so they have complete oversight of what is happening in their building at any given time.

No Manual updating

So now locks can be cancelled at a click of a button and no manual reprogramming of door controllers is needed. Instant changes to access rights can be made, so adding, deleting, block of certain doors to specified individuals can be done at will. Managers can configure the software via an easy to use portal and take advantage of up to 256 calendars/time zones.

And all this is achieved from the comfort of your office and with a few clicks of your mouse. For more information please visit the access control section of our website, click here. Or call us on 0113 273 0300