Access Control – more than just a secured door

Tuesday, 28th March, 2017

Many businesses and educational sites use an access control solution to secure their perimeters and entrance doors. This obviously gives them peace of mind and greater control over who enters their premises. However, in our experience, many organisations are failing to use the full power of their access control solution. Some feel that once their main doors are secured the job is done, some are driven solely by the need to meet their insurance policy’s terms and conditions and smaller businesses often just don’t have the resources to make sure they are getting the most from their investment.

Most solutions offer additional functionality, which you may not be taking advantage of or even be aware of – If your existing access control system is SALTO then the team at AIT can help you get the most from it. Or if you are in the market for an access control solution (we’d love to talk to you!) you should think about how they would benefit your business and talk to your chosen installer to make sure your system is set up to your best advantage.

Go with the flow

Think about how your building flows and what happens at peak times, you can then use your access control system to improve this. As an example, in a busy school you might want all doors to auto unlock at lunchtime or at home time to avoid pinch points at key entry/exit points and keep staff and students moving freely.

Alarm bells

Whatever your business you will want all doors to default to open if your fire alarm sounds and know that you have an accurate roll call available – with SALTO’s web-based management software this will be available via any web connected device once you’ve safely exited the building.

Remote storage areas

Remember that you can use access control padlocks to secure items like sports or grounds maintenance equipment even though these may be within an already secured perimeter. By using electronic padlocks adds an additional layer of security to protect valuable equipment and be able to monitor any unwanted entry attempts.

Control your building

An access control solution can also be used as part of your building control strategy and help you remain compliant with maximum numbers. This would allow you to prohibit people entering a room if the room’s maximum capacity has been reached or you could use it to set alerts if staff/pupil ratios fell below acceptable levels and send additional staff.

Out of hours

If your business rents out their facilities or space out to external users, including for out of hours use, your access control solution can restrict where these visitors go, as well as allowing you to know who entered, when and where they went (or tried to go).

In case of emergency

In the event of a staff, student or visitor emergency it is vital that you can track them down quickly, especially if you have a large site with multiple buildings. Using your access control’s real time audit trial will allow you to locate them in the most efficient way.

What’s next?

If you you’re not getting the most from your solution please get in touch, we’ll be happy to offer you some tips and advice. Don’t forget we offer a full consultancy service as well. To find out about AIT’s access control solutions click here or give us a call on 0113 273 0300.