Access Control in Multiple Locations – No Problem

Friday, 6th January, 2017

Managing your door access control across multiple locations or sites needn’t be difficult.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the fact you have lots of offices in different locations or even different continents, and you certainly don’t want to leave it to be sourced and managed at a local level, where you end up with lots of disparate systems and suppliers to think about.

This is especially important if your teams regularly travel between different offices/locations. The ideal is that one ID card (or other identifier) will gain them access to any location, so their user experience is consistent across all your sites no matter where they are.

SALTO’s access control portfolio offers a number of different ways to manage access rights across any number of sites/locations, from the state of the art SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) to JustIN, which uses the latest mobile technology; they can offer a solution that suits your particular needs.

The SALTO Virtual Network

The SALTO Virtual Network offers wire-free networked access control, where the data on the card updates the doors. This elegantly simple solution is cost effective as well as quick and easy to install. Access points are controlled and managed remotely via one or more workstations, SALTO’s SVN can be extended to manage up to 64,000 doors even if these are spread across the globe. You’ll know who is in your buildings, when they arrived and left as well as be able to assign or revoke rights at the click of a mouse. Click here for more information.

The same virtual network can be used, with no loss of functionality, with a totally wireless system. SALTO Wireless has been developed to the highest security standards and uses radio frequency to connect battery-powered electronic door handles by Ethernet/WiFi to the central management computer. SALTO Wireless can be installed as an independent system or used to complement a SVN system in areas of a building where real-time control is required. A wireless solution is ideal where you have many different building types, such as listed buildings, primarily glass buildings or where you need to retro-fit a building to preserve décor. To find our more click here


JustIN is SALTO’s smartphone access control solution, which when combined with the mobile SALTO Virtual Network (mSVN) allows doors or credentials to be opened or updated via a smartphone anywhere in the world. The JustIN solution offers a highly secure access control solution.With data encrypted between the phone and the lock means this authentication method is very safe. The intuitive app lets your staff receive their keys online, anytime and anywhere offering a better user experience with online key management, the ability to extend their credentials easily if a team member needs to stay at a particular office for longer than planned. The app works with both iOS and Android devices. For more information on JustIN click here 

Scale to suit your business needs

Whichever SALTO solution you choose you can be assured it will scale to suit your business whether you have lots of offices in one country or across the globe, your teams will have the same users experience and enjoy the same high security standards.

If you would like to talk to us about your access control needs please call us on 0113 273 0300 or email