Access control for car parks

Monday, 30th November, 2015

Do you know who is parked in your car park right now?

Here’s something to think about, do you know who is using your car park right now? Are you confident that you know the whereabouts of all the drivers of those vehicles in your building(s)?

You see you might have great building security, but if you don’t extend that out to your car park and other perimeter entry points, then you could still be letting unauthorised people into your site, think of all the security risks this can bring.

That is the precise reason why you should include car parks and other perimeter points in your access control solution – but there are plenty of other reasons too, some more obvious than others.

  1. Peace of mind – for the vehicle owners, who appreciate knowing that not just anybody can get in or out of the car park; they feel their vehicles are safer from theft and break-ins.
  2. Make your car park manager’s life easier – managers can regulate authorized access and stop parking by people who are not entitled to be there.
  3. Improves car park flow and ensures space usage is optimised at all times – shift parking can be easily managed.
  4. The systems management software allows you to set maximum occupancy so you can stop people entering the car park if there are no vacant spaces.
  5. Extending the use of your building access ID or key cards to the car park reduces misuse by drivers and this can be further enhanced by linking a vehicle registration to the ID card.
  6. Parking charges can be levied via the ID card so drivers no longer need to have cash to hand for pay and display charges.
  7. All access points are controlled by one system.
  8. Use access control in car parks to promote a car-sharing scheme with designated spaces and access rights.
  9. By linking the car park to your building access control solution, allows you to create regular management reports. These show real time monitoring of vehicle flows and provide a way of cross checking who parked then entered the building.

As you can see if you extend your access control solution out to the perimeter, especially car parks, you would have been able to answer the question posed at the start of this article, ‘Do you know who is using your car park right now?’ You will create a safer, securer, better managed and in all likelihood, a more profitable parking function.

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