Access control and old buildings

Tuesday, 9th December, 2014

As you are aware England is full of history and with history comes beautiful old schools and colleges. Take William Shakespeare for example, he began his education at the King Edward VI Grammar school in the year 1571. The school is still there and is still educating the youth of today. King Edward VI is in Stratford Upon Avon and is only a short distance from Shakespeare’s old house on Henley Street. However I’m not sure they had Access Control in 1571? But how amazing that it’s still there and still teaching!

Access control in an education environment has been something that may have been overlooked in the past. Especially in older schools and buildings – but never has it been more important to ensure that your staff, students and premises are safeguarded no matter whether your buildings are old or new.

The newer schools, academies and colleges can install access control quickly and easily as they are new buildings. Well, so can the older schools, academies and colleges. You may have thought this would be a quite difficult or even impossible, but with AIT it’s neither difficult nor impossible!

At AIT we try to use existing doors as much as possible. Sometimes consideration needs to be made if the building is listed in terms of how the cabling and hardware are fitted but all in all AIT can do it.

We can supply eHandles and a virtual network which negates the need for any cabling. We can also supply cylinders, padlocks, etc that can be used alongside traditional lock mechanisms and door furniture, when locks may not be replaceable.

In most cases we can reusing existing locks, cables, trunking where appropriate so no need for extra costs. AIT will also work at concealing cables as much as possible and can also supply compact wall-mount readers to minimise visual impact.

We're experts at working with sites to reduce costs but retain aesthetics in any building old or new.

So no matter how old the building you’re in there is always an option with AIT. There is always a way to keep students, staff and you premises safe with access control.

If you would like to find out more about access control read here. Or alternatively email us on or call us 0113 273 0300.