DSRAZOR – The leading network security option for Windows, NDS and NetWare system administrators.

Increase your system administration productivity with fast automated directory housekeeping, improved directory performance and on demand reporting. DSRAZOR provides admin tools that can secure, administer and audit a variety of file system directories.

DSRAZOR interacts with Active Directory, eDirectory, Linux & NetWare environments as well as Windows file systems – no scripting required. The pre-built applets provide fast efficient reports on demand saving HOURS of routine administration.

DSRAZOR administration tools quickly and easily simplify your eDirectory file management, and it provides top level and granular reporting with the leading admin tools provided.

  • Windows, Active Directory and eDirectory security assessment reporting
  • Mass user management import, maintenance and clean-up
  • Zero-privilege help-desk for delegated system admin tasks
  • File system analysis and clean-up capability
  • Customisation via drag and drop designer