Monitor your internal IT network simply and efficiently with the leading network auditing tool, LT Auditor+.

Working in partnership with Blue Lance, Altman Integrated Technologies supply their leading network management software solution LT Auditor+.

LT Auditor+ ensures that your internal IT network is monitored at all times, by installing LT Auditor+ on your server you have an application that will audit and monitor your server activity.

LT Auditor+ is a versatile product and is offered for Windows, Novell and Suse Linux Servers.  You can also have it monitor Windows Active Directory activity.

Seamless integration with your existing systems is maintained but with the added assurance that any access both authorised and unauthorised is being monitored, logged and reported upon.


Complete monitoring tool

LT Auditor+ will help you meet compliance control requirements by constantly monitoring your server activity

In-depth reporting

With LT Auditor+ you will have access to in-depth and actionable reporting modules that will allow you to make informed changes

Increased incident response levels

Increased and improved incident response through alerts pertaining to authorised, unauthorised, account lockouts and other server activity types that could harm your network

Increase privacy and security

Ensure and maintain privacy, confidentiality and integrity of your organisations sensitive documentation such as financial data, employee information and other confidential documents


Continuous monitoring

With LT Auditor+ in place you will have continuous monitoring 24 x 7 x 365 with real time alerts.

Simple installation

LT Auditor+ is a fast and simple tool to install on to your internal IT network. Within a matter of minutes LT Auditor+ will be installed and deployed on to your system

Complete auditing solution

Not only will LT Auditor+ monitor network events but it can easily audit files, folders, user authentications and USB storage devices, giving you a complete network activity picture

Data conversion modules

LT Auditor+ has a simple module that allows conversion and translation of raw event data into easily readable reports for increased efficiency within your network environment