Secure your glass doors with our range of contemporary glass door locks.

With SALTO's glass door locks you won't spoil the aesthetics of your sleek and contemporary glass doors. Glass doors are unable to be wired like normal doors, however our glass door locks there is no need for unsightly wiring.SALTO XS4 Glass Door lock

The locks works on a wire free system throught SALTO's virtual network (SVN) so no wires are needed. All the control is in the handles and locks. The locks are connected to the system via offline doors. Security and efficency is maintained and your glass doors still look sleek and contemporary.

Key Benefits

Simple installation

Installing glass door locks is a simple process ideal for offline environments

Contemporary look

The glass door locks compliment the aesthetics of your glass doors whilst also providing great levels of security


Locks are connected to the overall system which increases the security and efficiency of the access system

Simple to manage

Glass door locks are simple to manage with non volatile memory, low battery indicators and more management capabilities

Key Features

Wire free system

Wire free stand alone networked system through Salto Virtual Network technology

Contactless technology

Contactless versions compatible with ISO 14.443A, ISO 14.443B and covering a wide range of mainstream RFID brands such as DESfire & Mifare

Secure memory

Using non volatile memory technology even if there is a power failure memory is not deleted

Real time clock

Glass door locks are equipped with a low consumption real time clock function